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Is It a Miracle?

My lovely ex-neighbour invited us to have a brunch at Hahndorf, a beautiful German town next to Adelaide, on 27th December. They sold the house in November. They are great friends and always helped us. We were sad when they moved out. But we still keep in touch and haven’t let the distance make us distant.

It was a beautiful sunny summer day. We decided to have our meal in the backyard garden of this cute Cafe called Herbees Garden. We all felt a bit chilled with the wind when sitting in the shade. After changing a couple of tables, we finally found the perfect spot – a table in the sun. It was just nice, blue sky, cute gardens, sunshine, and a bit of wind to blow way the heat from the sun. We have not had any hot days in Adelaide when the summer began. Everybody is yearning for the sunshine and the warmness. We ate, drank, chatted, strolled along the street, checked in all the cute stores until 4pm in the afternoon. If it was not because I needed to leave to prepare for friends coming over for dinner, we would stay longer.

After dinner, friends and I had tea when I found the burning sense on my both arms, from the wrist to the elbow. The redness came out. It was hurt. I didn’t apply any sunscreen in the day and didn’t realise it would be sun burnt just for a brunch! I applied aloe vera gel and went to sleep after the friends left as I was exhausted after nearly one day out, the tension of getting dinner ready within two hours before friends came, and the excitement of catching up with them. (Thanks to my daughter for washing all the dishes!)

In the next morning, I got up and felt the burning of both arms. So I applied some aloe vera gel again and started morning meditation. After meditation, I was writing journals when I found the redness of both arms were gone. I was amazed. The first thought was “wow! This aloe vera gel is really working!” However, a voice inside asked “is it because of the meditation?” I didn’t know which one or both worked. However, the redness and the sense of burning were back after a few minutes. Desperate to get rid of the pain, I applied generous amount of aloe vera gel to the two areas. The coolness of the gel made me feel fresh on the sunburnt and less pain. But it did not last longer than 5 minutes. The redness was never left.

Suddenly, I got an idea. Why not to do some experiments to see what made the redness and pain going in the morning. As I had already applied aloe vera, it relieved the pain briefly for about 5minutes, but the redness was never gone, I decided I would do a meditation after lunch, about a couple hours later when the aloe vera gel should have been all absorbed and no effect to the skin any more. From this time on (it was before 11am), I stopped applying the aloe vera.

About 2:25pm in the afternoon (later than planned time), I sat down for meditation. As soon as I closed my eyes and quiet down the mind, I felt the intensive pain at the sunburnt areas on both arms. It was like fire burning under the skin. I accepted it, felt it with love, and affirmed that “I am Healthy. My body is able to heal itself.” I expressed my gratitude to my body, every single cell for working so hard and healing myself. I felt the pain was subsiding and eventually I didn’t notice it any more. While meditation, I squeeze the pelvic floor muscle and felt the energy running from bottom root chakra to the third eye. I felt the tinkling sensation all the time and eventually I forgot all the pain or discomfort. After 10 minutes, I opened my eyes and felt refreshed and energetic. The redness was gone. I was so excided. I showed my arms to my daughter. She couldn’t believe it. She touched my sunburnt areas. I didn’t feel any pain or hurt. It was amazing. We both could not believe it. If I would continuously meditate throughout the day, the sunburnt would be healed!

As we had to visit one of our friends at 3pm, we hurried out. As we were preparing for leaving, we both witnessed the redness was slowly crawled back. But I decided to make another trial after we were back.

After we came back from friend’s house and got ready for another trial, I took a photo of my right arm before meditation. By the time, I had not applied any aloe vera gel since morning. The redness had became faded and a bit darker. I meditated for about 15 minutes, same routine as the early afternoon one. Affirmations with the squeeze. As expected, the redness and the pain were disappeared. I took another photo of the right arm to show the difference.

Left is my right arm skin before meditation; Right is my right arm skin after 15 minutes meditation. The pictures didn’t apply any filters, absolutely original.

Isn’t it amazing! The healing power of our own body! As long as we provide the right environment, the body can heal itself in such amazing speed without any drugs!

Daily Exercises

People suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis need frequent movement and stretch exercises to keep joints mobility. However, too many exercises and improper exercises will cause pain and discomfort.

I found I could not do jogging, especially on uneven surface. I always feel the big tension at lower back and pulls at hips. After jogging even a short 20minutes, my back pain is just getting worse and I feel paralysed in the bed.

I’m not big fan of gym with too many people around. I don’t feel comfortable to expose myself out there with my awkward movement.

I do go to physiotherapist for Pilates. Before COVID lockdown, I had been equipment Pilates, Pilates on mat and yoga, Since COVID lockdown, I stopped visiting physiotherapist and started my stretch routine at home. It’s at least 30 minutes in the evening everyday. The result is better than 2 days of visiting physio.

I reviewed an summarised what I learned from physio, picked the most effective movements and keep doing it every day. I regained my strength and flexibility during the lockdown. They are basically all gentle stretch work, no heavy lifting or pump sweaty intensive workout or trick position in Yoga. But it works well on joints to engage them to restore the mobility and strength. They are cost effective, no need to buy anything. But it does require your persistence and continuously awareness of your body’s response.

The below is my daily exercise routine.

  1. Cat-Cow Pose

It gently massages the spine. Flexing and extending the spine can increase the circulation of spinal fluid, stretch the neck and the back and increase the mobility. It’s a basic motion, but enormously beneficial to ease the pain and maintain a healthy spine.

Spine is so important to our AS people!

  • Twists Yoga

There are a few twisting postures in Yoga. I normally do Revolved Belly Pose and Revolved Cross-Legged Pose. Regular twists can strength low back muscles and improve lower back health.

  • Child Pose

After twist, the Child pose can calm the spine and the muscles. It stretches the thighs, hips and ankles and helps resting the body.

  • Foam rolling

This is the only investment I made for the exercise, a foam roller with some ridges and knobs on it. It works deeper into muscles and work out knots and tension. It was very painful at the start. However, it became better and better. I am loving it now!

The research shows that foam rolling is an effective way to reduce muscle tension, ease sore muscles, reduce inflammation, increase range of motion, temporarily reduce appearance of cellulite, relive back pain and help you relax.

Takeaway note:

Different people has different condition to apply those pose and movement. However the above poses and movement can be very mild or extensive to our AS people. Therefore, it is crucial that you pay attention to your body when doing these exercises. Make sure not overdo it, but not underdo at the same time. Do exercises every day, listen to your body all the time to aware of the reaction, adjust the intensity of the movement from time to time. Let the body guide you on what you need to do.

Please leave the comments below or contact me if you have any thoughts to share or want to know more.

Diet Plan for Healing

There are 3 stages of the diet to boost the healing. Transition, Intensive Healing, and New Norm.


At the beginning of the healing, you may need a “transition” from the current diet. During the transition period, you have no need to instantly stop eating the troublemaking foods listed above. The transition period is normally seven-days.

First three days cut half of normally daily intake for the diary, gluten, food with refined sugar, pork/lamb and stop any fast food and alcohol/soda drinks.

In the next four days, stop diary food and any food contains gluten and refined sugar. Replace cow milk with almond milk or soy milk or oat milk. Replace pork/lamb with salmon, chicken or beef. Take animal protein only one serving a day.

This gives you a week time to adapt to the following intensive healing diet.

 Intensive Healing:

Intensive healing starts with the cleansing diet in the first week and then followed by 12 weeks intensive healing diet.

For the first week cleansing diet, eliminate any meat including fish, chicken, and beef; salt; oil including olive oil and food rich with oil such as nuts and avocado; and no caffeine. Focus on fruits and vegetables.

The typical daily menu from day 1 to day 6:

Morning wake up: one cup of lemon water

Breakfast: fruit smoothies – (for examples, banana + berries + orange juice; banana + mango + raspberries + coconut water)

Lunch and dinner: vegetable salad with leafy greens; or Green smoothies (for an example, Banana + Spinach + Celery + Chia Seeds)

For Day 7, have one day on juice and water, after morning lemon water, have carrot juice, apple juice, cucumber juice, orange juice, watermelon juice anytime. Just not blend them together.

From Day 8 onwards, it will go into the 12 weeks healing diet. It will be similar to the cleansing week, no meat, no diary, no gluten, no caffeine. But you can have nuts, olive oil, avocado, grains, oats and plant milk.

Typical daily menu:

Morning wake-up: one cup of lemon water

Breakfast: oats porridge with berries, or smoothies (fruit or green one, your choice)

Lunch: Green smoothies

Dinner: stir-fry vegetables with rice, vegetable salad, curry, roasted vegetables

Remember to eat lots of leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli, brussels sprouts, microgreens (sprouts) and berries. They are all anti-inflammatory food and rich in antioxidant.    

New Norm:

After 12 weeks intensive healing diet, it is not uncommon that you find your taste bud is changed slightly. You may have less resistance on asparagus or brussels sprouts or even start appreciating the sweetness within. When you phase out the intensive healing diet, you probably will enter a new norm that is more plant based whole food diet, less or no gluten, sugary dessert or alcohol. It would be totally alright that have a dinner with friends at restaurant and having a glass of wine and piece of cake. Enjoy it, enjoy the friendship and the great time. No guilty. The most important is that you stick to the healthy diet and try to avoid the troublemaking food as much as possible.  

Healing takes time. It normally takes 90 days to see the effect. However, you may not have to wait for 90days to notice the changes in the body. With daily breathwork, you can check in your body and notice the changes. Healing is also a process of changing lifestyle, adapting the lifestyle that promote health and happiness. Be patient and be persistent. Trust the healing capability in your body!

If you need a more detailed plan on healing, please feel free to reach out! I’m more than happy to share everything I know and assist you on your healing journey!

Healing Diet

The diet plays a vital role in the healing. There is an old Chinese saying “The disease is entered from the mouth”. One of the meaning is that the improper food eaten would cause the disease and illness. Food can give us nutrition, cleansing the toxic from the body and provide healing like medicine. But wrong food can make us sick.  During the healing, we need to make sure to consume only the nutritious food and avoid the troublemaking ingredients.

Healthy diet is commonly recommended for healing. However, healthy is a very broad concept and different people have different perception of healthy diet. And in different stage of the healing, you may adopt different levels of healthy diet.

Generally speaking, a healthy diet for healing Ankylosing Spondylitis is:

  • Diary free – no cheese, no animal milk, and no eggs.
  • Gluten free – the gluten is the trigger of the inflammation. Avoid gluten in the diet would definitely help.
  • Alcohol and Soda free – Interestingly in Chinese tradition, alcohol is often believed to boost the blood circulation, especially for the joints. However, the pitfall is that the alcohol dehydrates the body badly and extracts the heat from the body afterwards. Hence during the healing period, do avoid alcohol and soda drinks by all means.
  • Refined sugar free – it includes white sugar, caster sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, inverted sugar syrup.  Instead, you can use coconut sugar, maple syrup and raw honey as substitute to satisfy your sweet tooth, but not to compromise your health.
  • No pork and lamb – if you are meat lover, take the pork and lamb out of the shopping list. They are highly inflammatory. Wild caught salmon, organic free-range chicken and grass-fed beef are the good choices.
  • Unprocessed whole food – avoid processed food, like hotdog and fast food.

In the next blog, I’ll layout the three stages of the diet to heal Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Breathwork + Affirmation Routine

Breathwork has been proven to align the energy, reduce the stress and promote healing. Affirmation is able to boost the positive energy, reset the mind and create the miracle.

I do breathwork twice a day before sleep and after wakeup about 20minutes each time. During the intensive healing period, I do breathwork at noon too. As a full time working single mum, the breathwork dramatically reduces my stress during the day and help relieve the pain.

My basic breathwork routine is:

  1. Sitting with up straight spine
  2. Close eyes and be aware of body. Be aware of any pain, any stiffness or lightness/heaviness. No judgement, no rejection. Accept them and embrace them.
  3. Be aware of the surroundings, the sound, the space, the breeze, the smell, the energy, the air, the sun, the stars, the moon etc. It is fine if there is noise, be inclusive, no rejection, no judgement.
  4. Inhale by nose deeply into the tummy and count by 4. With the inhaling, imagine the chi/energy flowing in through the nostrils, chest, stomach and till the bottom of the tummy. In this process, the rib cage and the abdomen are enlarged and filled with the chi. With ankylosing spondylitis, it’s very common that you feel pain when you deep inhale to the belly. Take it easy. But do let the chi “touch” the pain spot. Imagine a pair of loving hands gently massaging the pain areas. When feeling the pain, accept the pain and send love to it. No judgement, no rejection, no curse and swear. Be gentle to the body, it is no-body’s fault.
  5. After inhaling, hold the breath and count by 4. While holding the breath, focus on the third eye and be aware of the pain in the body. Some area’s pain may be subdued, some area may be sharp. No judgement, just be aware and accept it.
  6. Release the breath and count by 4. While releasing the breath, starting from squeeze the muscle of pelvic floor, then squeeze the air out of the belly then squeeze the air out of the chest. Meanwhile imagine the energy rising from the bottom of the spine, passing through belly, stomach, chest, throat and up to the third eye.
  7. After exhaling out all the air in the body, hold breath and count by 4. While holding breath, focus the energy at third eye.
  8. Repeat the inhale – hold – exhale – hold as above (step 4 to 7) for 10 minutes or so. Be aware of the body and the pain for each circle. The pain may appear in different parts of the body. They are where the blockages are. Continue working on it, let the chi touches them and massage them. Accept them and send love to them. With each circle of the breath, the pain will be subdue to some extent or totally disappear. After exhaling the air out, when you hold the breath, you may find some lightness in the head or dizziness, sometimes the tinkling over the scalp. It’s totally fine.
  9. After 10 minutes, have a deep inhale and exhale without holding breath. Then check out the body, be aware of any changes. Now we have reset the energy and release the stress. It’s time to inject positive energy and beliefs by affirmation.


With eyes closed, I speak out loud:

I am Healthy. Deep breath in to absorb the words into the body. Repeat 5 times

I am free of pain. Deep breath in to absorb the words into the body. Repeat 5 times

I totally love myself, accept myself and forgive myself. Deep breath in to absorb the words into the body. Repeat 5 times

The universe has my back. I am whole. Deep breath in to absorb the words into the body. Repeat 5 times

When you speak of the affirmations, do mean it, believe it and take it into your body, mind and heart. Feel you are healthy, free of pain, be able to regain the mobility, surround with love, self-love, forgiveness and being guided by the universe.

After affirmation, I put my hand on the centre of my heart and say “Thank you, my body, for working so hard and healing myself! I love every single cell of my body and truly appreciate each single cell’s contribution to my health!” When saying these, do feel gratitude towards the body and magnify the gratitude from the centre of your heart where you hand touching to all over the body and even beyond.

Key Points

  • Be adaptive during the breathwork. It’s ok if it is noisy outside, it is ok if the pet comes to sit on your lap. Normally it’s a good sign. The pets can sense the energy and like to be in the calm and loving energy for their healing as well.
  • It is important to squeeze the pelvic muscle when exhaling and hold the breath. According to the Chinese Medical theory about meridian, there one route called “Shen Jing” from bottom, going up through the spine up to the top of the head and then turning down and ended at teeth. For anyone with back pain issues, the Shen Jing is weak. By holding the breath and squeezing the pelvic floor muscle, it boosts the energy and strengthens the meridian and the energy. By repeating this exercise, the Shen Jing will become stronger and stronger which in return will cure the back issues.
  • During the breathwork and affirmation, you may experience tears rolling down or want to release gas or burp. Please feel free to let go the tear or the air. It’s a good sign to release the blocked energy.
  • In affirmation section, please do say it, mean it and feel it. Although you may feel fake at the beginning, it resets the mind to get rid of negative beliefs, implant in the positive ones and by using the Law of Attraction you are creating your future.

Please feel free to comment or contact me on any thoughts or feedback. Love to hear from you.  

3 Simple Routines to Heal From Ankylosing Spondylitis

Do you believe our body is designed to be able to heal itself? It is not fairy tale without scientific research. It is true and proved. There are some many medical journals and books about epigenetic, about quantum physics that support the self-healing ability of human body. However, I would like to emphasize here is to create a most favourable environment for the cells of our bodies to heal themselves. There are basically three simple routines that can create the right environment and provide what the cells need to heal the body. They are

1. Breath Work followed by meditation

Breath work is the most important routine. It is the core routine in the healing. Breath work can regulate the breath, reduce the stress, switch off the flight or fight mode to safe mode. It promotes positive energy and cultivate healing environment for the mind and body.

2. Healthy Diet

Healthy diet is very important too. It provides the most needed nutrition to the body for the healing. It also helps to maintain a favourable internal environment for the cells to heal.

3. Stretch Exercises

The stretch exercises can enhance the joints’ flexibility and mobility. Certain movement can massage the pressure points to unblock the energy and boost the blook circulation. It could help relieve the pain if it’s done before the bed time.

In the next few blogs, I’ll explain each routine in much details of how to do breath work, why the breath work does work, what is the healthy diet and what diet in the different stages of the healing, and also a few sets of the stretch exercises that can help relieve the pain and unblock the energy.

Why Me?

I always wondered why I had the illness. My brother had the same gene, but he only had mild back pain occasionally. My father has AS, why all the other his five siblings are all well? It had bothered me so long.

Reviewing the development of my ankylosing spondylitis, it shows that there was always something happened before every occurrence of the Iritis. Iritis had been the obvious indicator to me that the inflammation was flaring up or worse because the pain was the new norm for me already in those years.

My very first episode of Iritis was started from late September 2008, a few days before my stressful and unhappy wedding reception. I ignored my inner voice and had things going as planned to avoid of the pressure and embarrassment from family and friends. The symptom was slowly developed for nearly two to three weeks from the pain lingering at the back of the right eyeball to a foggy and blurry eyesight when I rushed to the hospital and got officially diagnosed to Iritis.

One year later, I started having the consistent back pain and joints stiffness, especially in the morning when getting up from the bed. I thought it would be the result of giving birth and ignored all the symptoms.

My second episode of Iritis was back on boxing day in 2012, five days after I was abused by my husband then in front of my little 3 years old baby girl. I was shocked, upset, frightened, and sad. I made decision to not report to the police and not tell friends and families for the sake of safety for my parents. I suppressed all the emotion inside. I literally felt my heart broken into pieces. From that on, I was shut myself down in the marriage relationship. I tip-toed around him, closely looked out his emotion and his face expression, kept quiet and minimized the communication by all means, including physical touch.

I was also diagnosed as AS because of this episode of Iritis. I started the medication since then. But the paid just wouldn’t go away. It became worse and worse. Even cough or sneeze could make me in severe pain. I was flat out every evening after full day work and always in low spirit. Going to work was the happiest thing for me. It was not because I was a work acholic but wanted to get away from him. Nothing could cheer me up. I did what he wanted me to do, worked full time to support the family, took care of the child after dinner and assisted his business after she went to sleep. Day after day, I could not see any hope and did not dare to think of any hope. Meanwhile, my career was stuck too. It seemed that I met my glass ceiling in that company and there was no way up. Even after I moved to another company, I realized that there was no career development in that role. I would be doing the same thing ten years later if I would stay. I felt that I was sinking very slowly in the swamp and I was passively waiting for things to happen.

Indeed, things were happening behind me. He asked for a talk on 23rd June 2016. It was day that the British people voted for the Brexit. And he wanted to divorce. I agreed without hesitation. He listed the items he wanted to take with him. I agreed without hesitation. I was left with a huge amount of debt and the gorgeous little girl. The freedom was not cheap, but I didn’t bother. It was the very first time that I could see a dim light ahead. The light was so dim that I had to be very careful not to blow it out.

The stress from him and his parents during the separation period nearly drowned me. I had continuous episodes of Iritis from early March 2016 until end of year. It started with the right eye first. Once the right eye was good, the left eye started and then the right eye inflamed again after the left eye. He finally moved out of house at the end of October. I was in such a relief when I saw no sign of his belongs in the house when I came back from work. I no longer had to drag myself back home. It was first time in 8 years of living with him that I would like to knock off from the work on time to get home early. I smiled and suddenly I realized I had not been smiled from my heart since that wedding reception day!

2016 was the darkest year in my life. The darkness before the dawn. But my body was deteriorated quickly. The retina of my right eye was peeled off at the end of 2016. The paid had expanded to the hips. I had difficulties to get into and out of the car. The specialist suggested me to get injection to manage the inflammation.

It is not coincidence that my inflammation flared up just after each time I suppressed my feelings and emotions inward. The inflammation is the result of all the negative energy accumulated during those years.

My dad had the same pattern. I remember clearly that he had a big difficult time in his career in his late forties and fifties when he started to develop AS symptom. In my memory, he didn’t take any medication and just put up with the pain and stiffness silently. He was not happy in the marriage too and was always the one that became quiet first when there was argument or fight with my mum. As a result, his spine fused. He could not turn his head. When lying down, his head is unable to touch the one pillow.

Stress, suppressed anger and sadness, feeling of unloved and all these emotions are the major trigger of the ankylosing spondylitis. It’s no wonder that Norman Cousins used laughter to recover from AS.

Therefore, in order to heal from the illness. The first and foremost thing to do is to identify the negative emotions been pushed and buried inside the body. They triggered the gene and caused the inflammation. If you can identify them, accept them and release them, you are stepping out the first step of the healing!

Please feel free to drop me a line if it resonates with you and share your comments.

How to Reset the Mind

Meditation is the most effective way to reset your mind to build a new belief and cultivate a new habit. We are defined by our past experience, by our habits, and by our belief system. Those are influenced by our family, our tradition, our culture and the social environment. It has been deeply rooted in our subconscious mind and is not easy to change. However, meditation can enable you to quiet the mind, go deeper into the subconsciousness and realize the potential of yourself.

Once you enter the space of the stillness and calmness and stay in the present moment in the meditation, please do affirmation. Affirmation is another powerful tool to rewire your mind. It changes your limited belief; it empowers you and it heals you.

The most frequently used affirmations that I used are

I am healthy and I am free;

I love myself, I accept myself and I forgive myself; I am free;

I am grateful that my body is healing itself. Thank you, every single cell of my body; I am free.

Repeat each affirmation at least five times with deep breath to embrace the words and the feeling of being healthy, being loved, accepted, forgiven and grateful. Feel the feeling of being healthy, being painless, being move around energetically and freely without stiff joints; feel the feeling of love, forgiveness for everything no matter how big, how ashamed or how small it is; feel you hug yourself tightly, lovingly and repeatedly say “I love you, I accept you and I forgive you”; feel the feeling of the gratitude towards your hardworking body. Our body is a big community of 40 trillion cells. Each cell is doing their job diligently. Deep breath to send love to each single of the cell in the body, send gratitude to each single of them and believe they are healing from the inflammation and illness.

When I was introduced to the affirmation, I doubted and didn’t believe it. I was taught to believe the material world that we can see, touch, smell, hear, and taste; believe the rational logic; and believe the science supported facts. Every time in the past when I heard of any transformation from meditation and affirmation, I just thought they were fairy tales or coincidences. I started meditating for months without affirmation because I could feel the lightness and peacefulness after meditation which made me accept medication very easily. But not affirmation. I could believe or was not willing to believe that saying some positive words could work! Until I read about Dr Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles”  and Dr Joe Dispenza’s “You Are the Placebo”, my mind was blown away. They used scientific research and massive evidence to prove that we could change our reality and our future by reset the mind. The method is the meditation with affirmations. And the key of the affirmation is to embrace the feeling of the affirmations. Feel the happiness, feel the love, feel the joy of being able to move around without the pain and stiffness, feel the forgiveness, and feel the gratitude. If possible, magnify the feeling and indulge in the feeling for as long as possible. Very soon, I was able to feel the difference in my body. And I believe so can you! If you want to know more about the meditation and affirmation or talk about it, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to listen from you and share more.

Preliminary Step – Reset the mind

Have you made up your mind to heal yourself? Do you believe in yourself? Do you trust your body for the self-healing ability? You have to say Yes to all these questions and doubts. This is the preliminary step before you start the healing process. Only if you put faith to yourself and your body, could you be able to persist the routines when you feel tired, hold up your faith when you feel down, and stick to it when you have not seen any results, but your body has started the healing inside.

Determination and persistence are essential throughout the healing journey. It is especially challenging for people to keep doing the right thing when they can not feel any improvement, or sometimes they may feel even worse at the beginning of the healing journey. However, it does not mean that it does not work. In many cases, the toxins are deep rooted in the body organ tissues; the habits of doing harm to the body have become the subconsciousness; and the environment where our body cells living has been filled with negative energy or inflammation. When the healing starts, it would take time to let the nutrition reach out to the deep organ cells and get rid of the toxins accumulated in years; it would take time to train your body to aware of the old habit, stop response unhealthy sub-consciousness, and start establishing new healthy habit; it would take time to improve the environment that our cells are living in to transform it to a healthier and positive bio-environment.

Our human body has its own rhythm for regeneration. For adult, skin will regenerate itself approximately every 27 days, the bone cells take the longest regenerating time – about 10 years. If we can work along with the body natural cycle, it is possible to regenerate health cells instead of inflammatory cells or cancer cells. You can be a whole new healthy version of you!

As we all have old habits which make what we are, what illness that we have, how we behave and so on, it is important that we need to change our mind to change our fate. If you want to heal from the illness, the first step is to believe that you can heal yourself. Have faith on it, be determined and persistent!

If you need help, I’m here to support you, guide you and encourage you to keep on healing. Please feel free to contact me. Sometimes it is hard and challenging to go on a journey by yourself but would be fun and easier if you have like-minded people around.

The Diagnosis

I was officially diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2013. I say “officially” means the time when the specialist confirmed what it was for those years that I had been suffering.

I have the very first symptom back in 2008. Interestingly enough, it was not back pain or anything related to the spine or back or joints. I had my very first Iritis in September 2008 and it became recurring. In the following year after I gave birth, I started to experience back pain, especially in the morning when I got up. I thought it was just normal due to the labour.

When I visited eye specialist in January 2013, he requested me to do a blood test and the result was positive on HLA-27. It was the first time I heard of this. The eye specialist explained only that it normally was related to the Iritis inflammation. I was puzzled and naturally went to google for more information. Still, the search result did not relate myself to any arthritis issues.

However, the back pain had been bothered me for years and it was getting worse. I could not sleep through the night because the back pain woke me up a few times; I could hardly turn my body in the bed; I dared not to cough hard because my ribs would be so hurt like broken; I had difficulties to stand up straight from sitting…every movement had become slow motion in order to endure the pain. I guess it would sound familiar if you have AS.

Finally one day in 2013, after extensive research on Internet, I found information about Ankylosing Spondylitis and all the symptoms were just matched! I got GP’s referring letter to the specialist and was officially diagnosed!

AS is not unfamiliar with my family. My Dad has it. But he never shared his pain and his suffering to us that I didn’t realise that I had the same suffering! I didn’t know it’s English name before my research because I was brought up in China and had no idea of the English term of my Dad’s illness. Until then, I fully understood why my Dad always moved slowly, had difficulties to turn his head, and had very hard time to put on his shoes or socks!

I was told by all the brochures that AS is not curable. I needed to have life-long medications. My medication was from one tablet of 100mg Celebrex in the morning to later Naproxen 1000mg one tablet twice a day, and finally the specialist recommended to me to try the bio injection. Only that time, it struck me like a wake-up call. I was only late 30 year old and I would need daily injection for the rest of my life! How would my life be in the next 30 to 50 years?! I politely told the specialist that I would like to search for some other options to improve my condition. If it has no improvement, I would adopt her suggestion.

Fortunately, I find the solution and it totally works! I had stopped the medication for 9 months and had no pain at all. I revisited the specialist with the blood test after 6months that I stopped the medication. To her surprise, the blood test results show no sign of inflammation. She was just amazed and asked me to continue doing what I have been doing!

I feel so grateful and happy. So I decided to share my healing journey and hope it could help you or your families and friends to heal from the illness and believe Ankylosing Spondylitis is curable and can be cured naturally without harmful side effect!

From now on, I’ll share with you what I have been doing to heal myself! Please watch out!

#Healing #AnkylosingSpondylitis